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It’s not what you see… It’s what you don’t see. Exposure to the sun and the environment can leave you with less-than-youthful skin. Erase the signs of premature aging, including brown spots, dullness, and sun damage with REVERSE. REVERSE Regimen exfoliates, lightens, brightens and protects your skin for a more even tone and texture


Where do you turn when your face can’t take it anymore? Calm the flush-blush reaction of a hyper-sensitive complexion with SOOTHE. Clinically proven to reduce redness and irritation in as little as 5 minutes, SOOTHE helps interrupt the inflammatory cascade, strengthens skin’s natural moisture barrier, calms redness, and reduces irritation so that you can take comfort in having a healthy-looking complexion every day


Breakouts? Unpredictable? Unreasonable? Unfair? Take control with our UNBLEMISH Regimen. Clinically proven to combat the entire acne cycle, this sophisticated regimen helps unclog pores, clears breakouts and calms your complexion to keep pimples, blackheads and post-acne marks from making an unwelcome appearance on your face—and in your life.


Maximize your anti-aging benefits. To visibly reduce the signs of aging skin, we created the ANTI-AGE Regimen and patent-pending AMP MD™ System to work together for maximum anti-aging benefits. Used in combination, they provide the right ingredients, in the right formulations, in the right order, and in the right way, to truly transform skin

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ESSENTIALS Our New Essential products include: The ESSENTIALS SPF 30 Body Sunscreen, a Water-resistant broad spectrum UV protection for the body.
ESSENTIALS Daily Body Moisturizer Daily body lotion relieves dry, flaky skin. RF-Dcell technology helps skin retain moisture and remain comfortable when challenged by climate and other environmental aggressors.
ESSENTIALS Lip Shield SPF 25 (Two-Pack) – Goes beyond moisturization to provide protective skincare for the lips. Use daily for soft, smooth and healthy-looking lips for the entire family.

ESSENTIALS Foaming Sunless Tan Dual-active formula ensures even, natural-looking color. Contains RF-Dcell technology to extend the duration of the sunless tan. Why does our sunless tanner produce a more natural looking, less-streaky tan? It contains both DHA & erythrulose that are derived from sugars that react with the keratin protein in the dead top layer of your skin to produce a temporary tanning color. It’s similar to the browning effect on a cut apple. While DHA has been the sunless tanner ingredient du jour for decades, this combo is the ticket!

The perfect pair. When it comes to achieving healthy, clear, foundation-free skin, even the most rigorous clinical skincare routines take time to show results. That’s why we created a new treat and protect product that offers both immediate and long-term skin-enhancing benefits that work with any Rodan + Fields Multi-Med™ Therapy regimen. Infused with patent-pending RFp3 technology, ENHANCEMENTS Mineral Peptides SPF 20 support’s skin’s resiliency to environmental aggressors and irritants and provides sun protection, while light deflecting minerals immediately even skin tone and reduce redness

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