Business Resources

Skyscrape Media’s main premise is to provide a motivational resource platform for small business owners.  If you require assistance in any of the following areas and would like a free consultation please contact us at

☆ Network marketing
☆ Small business start-up
☆ Modern media
☆ Administrative protocol
☆ Accounting
☆ Quick Books & job costing
☆ Professional correspondence
☆ Government reporting
☆ Compliance and code regulations
☆ Contract Reviews and interpretations
☆ Project related insurance and permits
☆ Safety regulations / OSHA
☆ Marketing campaigns
☆ Special events
☆ Apprenticeship enrollment & monitoring
☆ AIA documentation
☆ Prevailing wage compliance
☆ BRJP (Boston Residence Jobs Policy) & reporting
☆ Notary services

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